ASMRA HOTEL – LUSAKA: 28/06/2022 –Country Coordinating Mechanism Faith Based Organizations (CCM FBO) Constituency has elected Bishop Dr. Joshua Banda of Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAOG) in Zambia as new substantive member of the CCM, representing the Faith Based Organizations
Bishop Dr. Joshua Banda was elected during a meeting of leaders of Faith Based Organizations held at Asmara Hotel on 28th June, 2020 in Lusaka.
Bishop Dr, Banda takes over from Bishop Paul Mususu whose tenure of office comes to an end on June 30th, 2022 after serving his two terms of office.
During the same meeting, the Roman Catholic Church Health Co-Ordinator, Sister Agness Lungu went unopposed as an alternate member of CCM.
Speaking soon after the Election, outgoing Substantive Member, Bishop Paul Mususu commended preventatives of the Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) for the trust they vested in his leadership and for the smooth election process.
Bishop Mususu said during his tour of duty, he was cognizant that he was carrying the mandate of the Faith Based Organizations and made sure that the interests of the constituency members were advanced.
“Even if I was in the midst of other CCM members, I was mindful that I did not put the name if the Lord in the mud because I was riding on the ticket of the Faith Based Organizations,” Said Bishop Mususu.
He also thanked the Churches Health Association in Zambia (CHAZ) and CCM Secretariat staff for the unwavering support rendered during his duty tour of duty.
And Bishop Dr. Joshua Banda praised Bishop Mususu for the role he played during his tenure by keeping at heart the interest of the Faith Based Organizations and for carrying the flag of the Nation high
Both Dr. Banda and Sister Agness pledged to work with the Constituency Member Organizations and take to CCM to another level.
The Country Coordinating Mechanism Zambia (CCM-Z) is a multi-sectoral public-private national partnership that submits funding requests to the Global Fund and oversees the implementation of the Global Fund HIV, tuberculosis and malaria grants on behalf of Zambia.
The CCM FBO Constituency to which the United Church of Zambia Synod is part of, comprise of Christians and other Faith Based Institutions, among them the Bahai and the Muslim who are represented by the Zambia Interfaith Networking Group (ZINGO).
The Country Coordinating Mechanism is scheduled to choose a new set of members by 30th June, 2022 where each Civil Society Constituency will have to elect a substantive and an alternate Member will work with cooperating partners and Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) representatives sitting on CCM-Z

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