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The Province is located between longitudes 27 degrees and 31 degrees east and latitudes 13 degrees south. It shares boarders with eight other Provinces of Zambia with the exception of Northern Province.

It shares boarders with national’s capital Lusaka Province in the South, Southern Province and Western Province in the West, Eastern Province in the East, Copperbelt, North Western, Muchinga and Luapula Province in the North.

It also shares boarders with the Democratic Republic of Congo.



Maximum and minimum temperatures occur in October and July respectively. There is a cool period from May to August with temperatures dropping from 24.2 centigrade in October to 18.1 degrees centigrade in May in most parts of the Province. Monthly rainfall increases from 15mm in October to as high as 298mm in January.

Annual rainfall varies from 1,100mm in north east and just under 800mm in the southern areas of Luangwa valley and the Kafue flats. 




English is the official language of communication and instruction in Central Province. The main local languages of communication are Lala, Lenje, IIa, Swaka, Bemba and Sala.


Agriculture has become the main economic activity in Central Province following the closure of mining and manufacturing companies that were operating in the Province in the 1990s.

Historically, small scale agriculture consisting of crop, livestock and fisheries production have dominated agriculture sector. Large scale agriculture dominates in cash crop production.




Most of Central Presbytery as it is today was under the Methodist Church from 1905 to 1965 stretching from Southern Presbytery to Keembe. The other part of the Presbytery was controlled by the Church of Scotland. After attaining independence in 1964, the United Church finally was born on 16th January, 1965 and Central Presbytery then stretching from Kafue of Lusaka Presbytery to Serenje of Central Presbytery today.

The Church in its December 1978 Synod meeting agreed to separate Lusaka from Central Presbytery as it used to be called and in the same meeting, Rev. Wallace C. Mfula was appointed interim Moderator for Central Presbytery covering Chipembi, Keembe, Kabwe, Kapiri Mposhi, Mkushi, Serenje and Chitambo. In terms of staffing levels, the Presbytery had the following Synod Ministers at the time of its establishment:

  1. P. S. Bwalya who was at St. Peter’s and in-charge of all vernacular congregations
  2. Barry Morris who was in-charge of All Saints Congregation

The following retired Ministers were stationed accordingly:

  1. Siwale – Kapiri Mposhi which was a preaching point of All Saints Congregation, Kabwe
  2. Makumba – Chipembi Consistory
  3. Chilumba – Chitambo Consistory



The Presbytery Headquarters is in Kabwe, the Provincial capital. And the Presbytery is under the pastoral charge and administration of Rev Bishop Edward Musonda. The Presbytery Secretary is Mrs. Rose P. Mupanda, and the Treasurer is Mr. Kapembwa Sichilima.

Thereafter, the following headed the Presbytery:

  • Rev. Joseph C. Mwansa as Moderator (1987 – 1994), and the following headed the Presbytery as Bishops:
  • Rev. Albert Bowa (1995 -2003),
  • Rev. Crispin Mbalazi (2004 – 2007),
  • Rev. Pethias J. Siame (2008 – 2009)
  • Rev. Edward Musonda (2010 to 2020
  • Rev. Laston Chisanga (2021 to date
  • Bishop P.J.Siame died in a road traffic accident together the Rev. Simumba who was minister-in-charge of All Saints Congregation, Kabwe.

The change of the title from moderator to Bishop was done in 1994.

 Central Presbytery Mission stations:

  1. Chipembi Mission which encompasses Chipembi Girls Secondary School, Chipembi Rural Health Centre and UCZ University Chipembi Faculty of Agriculture and the Church.
  2. Chitambo Mission Hospital is run by the Government of the Republic of Zambia (previously used to be a Church Hospital), and the Church (Rev. Malcolm Moffat, nephew of Dr. David Livingstone, opened a station at Chitambo in 1906 with Dr. Hubert Wilson, Livingstone’s grandson)
  3. Mpili Mission in Keembe with only a Church, office and Manse buildings in place. The school that used to be Mission school is now run the Ministry of General Education. The two mission stations (Chipembi and Mpili) were established by the Methodist Church from United Kingdom.
  4. Bwalya, S. Chuba. A History of Early Christian Missions and Church Unity in Zambia: 2005, p.48.

Chipembi Girls Secondary School (2017) – opened in 1926 by Methodist Church from United Kingdom.

Chipembi Rural Health Centre (2017)

The United Church of University – Chipembi Faculty of Agriculture

The United Church of Zambia University – Chipembi Faculty of Agriculture (2017)


Chipembi Mission (2017)

Chipembi Mission (2017)


Chipembi Mission Manse (2017)



The Presbytery Headquarters is in Kabwe, the Provincial capital of Central Province of Zambia. The Presbytery is under the pastoral charge and administration of Rev. Bishop Edward Musonda. The Presbytery Secretary is Mrs. Rose P. Mupanda, and Mr.   Kapembwa Sichilima is the treasurer.




  • Stephen M. Nyirenda  – Chitambo Consistory
  • Evelyn Y. Mulenga  – Serenje
  • Daniel Chisenga  – M’kushi
  • George K. Musonda  – Kapiri Mposhi (Hilltop)
  • Samuel Banda – Kapiri Mposhi (Central Cong)
  • Oskin Siingwa – Kabwe North Chairperson / St. Johns
  • Gift Kyembe  – Kabwe North / St. Andrews
  • Mulenga F. Bwalya  – Kabwe North / All Saints
  • John M. Mwelwa  – Kabwe North / Bethel and St. Paul’s
  • Laston Chisanga – Kabwe South Chairperson / St. Mark’s
  • Charity M. Mwale – Kabwe South / Trinity and St. Stephen
  • Lydia M. Mwale – Kabwe South / St. Luke
  • Georgina M. Ezerioha – Kabwe South / St. Peter’s
  • Bernard Mwanza – Keembe Consistory
  • Teddy Mubonda  – Chipembi Consistory
  • Betty Nyirenda – Chipembi Girls Secondary School Chaplain


  • Joseph Mwape – Chitambo
  • Benson M. Chongo – Kapiri Mposhi
  • Joseph C. Mwansa – Kabwe North
  • Wallace C. Mfula – Kabwe North
  • Richard Mulenga – Chipembi
  • Kennedy M. Lwiche  – M’kushi
  • Bishop Mutale Mulumbwa – Keembe


  • Deaconess A. Mafupa  – Kabwe South
  • Deacon Misheck Jonazi – Kapiri Mposhi


  • Deaconess F. K. Mponela – Serenje
  • Deaconess S. M. Kumwenda – Kabwe North
  • Youth Worker H. Chilanga – Kapiri Mposhi
  • Deaconess F. Kaite – Kabwe South


  • R. Kate – Kabwe South
  • J. Mugala – Serenje


  • M. Simumba – Kabwe North
  • Bowa  – Kabwe North
  • Mugulube – Kabwe North
  • A. M. Gondwe  – Keembe
  • Musaka – Kabwe South
  • Bwalya – Chitambo
  • Mutale – Kapiri Mposhi
  • Phiri – Kabwe North
  • Mutale – Kabwe North


  • Mrs Maleny M. Kakombo – Secretary
  • Phinias Muyoya – Book Keeper
  • J. Daka – Caretaker


  • Albert Chituka – Chipembi Girls Secondary School Head teacher
  • Easter Sakala – Chipembi Mission Rural Health Centre In-charge
  • Winter Siluyele – Faculty of Agriculture Dean


No NAME Group / Committee Consistory
i Mrs. J. kunda WCF Kabwe South
ii Mr. G. Mphande MCF Kabwe South
Iii Mrs. Roydah Chileshe Youth Bishop’s Office
iv Rev. G. M. Ezerioha Fundraising Kabwe South
v Rev. Bernard Mwanza Lay Preachers Keembe
vi Rev. M. F. Bwalya DWE Kabwe North
Vii Rev. O. Siingwa CRR Kabwe North
viii Rev. L. Chisanga Stewardship Kabwe South
ix Mr. Sacheka Communication Kapiri Mposhi
x Mr. W. D. Shamfuti CPDPC Kabwe South
xi Deaconess A. Mafupa Diaconal Kabwe South
xii Mr. Mutongo Strategic Plan Kabwe North
xiii Rev. J. M. Mwelwa Twinning Kabwe North
xiv Rev. G. Kyembe CTC/CBSI Kapiri Mposhi
xv Mr. K. Sichilima Finance Keembe



Captured from the Consistory reports presented to the last Presbytery Executive that was held in Kabwe from 5th – 7th May, 2016 at Diakonal Centre.

Communicant Members

No Consistory Male Female Catechumens Sunday School Children Adherents Total
i Chipembi 549 840 123 753 437 2702
ii Keembe 3657 4585 461 1824 175 10542
iii Kabwe South 2028 3602 397 3842 387 10256
iv Kabwe North 1071 2656 67 1756 365 5915
v Kapiri Mposhi 2500 6400 2190 2280 4400 17770
vi M’kushi 1320 3686 271 3407 1002 9686
vii Serenje 1438 2790 302 512 117 5159
viii Chitambo 2123 3640 155 1737 970 8625
TOTAL 14686 28199 3966 16111 7853 70815

 Community Development and Social Justice field headed by Deaconess Anna K. Mafupa.

2016/2017 farming season