CHISAMBA,–UCZ CHIPEMBI GIRL’S SECONDARY: 12/04/2024– The United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Chipembi Girls Secondary School, has awarded nine(9) teachers at an investiture ceremony held at Chipembi Girl’s Secondary school in Chisamba district.
The ceremony was held to recognize the exemplary efforts of the teachers for their outstanding contributions to the school’s remarkable performance in the 2023 National Examinations.
UCZ General Secretary Rev. Chipasha Musaba commended the honored teachers for instilling values of hard work and moral integrity in the pupils.
He praised their efforts in shaping the young girl’s characters, both within and outside the classroom, emphasizing the importance of their role in nurturing future leaders.
“You have taught the young girls how to work hard, not only in class but even out there.”he said.
And UCZ Synod Administrative Secretary Dr. Alivetty Mwale extended gratitude to Chipembi Girl’s leadership and the Chaplain for their relentless efforts in fostering a conducive learning environment for the girls.
Meanwhile, Chisamba District Education Board Secretary(DEBS) Samuel Bunda applauded Chipembi Girl’s Secondary School for raising the academic standards and showcasing excellence in various productive ventures.
“we would like to thank you for always putting Chisamba District on the map through your excellent academic performance and the agriculture production every year” he said.
And UCZ Synod Education Secretary Darius Mumba reiterated the department’s dedication to collaborating with Chipembi Girl’s Secondary School to further enhance its educational standards.
Speaking at the same event, Chipembi Girl’s Secondary School Headteacher Mr. Albert Chituka thanked the UCZ leadership and the Ministry of Education for their continuous support and guidance.
The teachers honored at the ceremony were those who demonstrated exceptional performance by producing over 20 pupils with a distinction grade 1 in their classes, reflecting their dedication to academic excellence and student success.

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