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Western Presbytery is one of the oldest and largest Presbyteries in the UCZ. It covers the entire Western Province including Kazung’ula and Livingstone districts of Southern Province. The Presbyter has 24 Consistories, of which most of them are rural.

Office Bearers

Rev .Roy Kanchele –         Presbytery Bishop (2019-2022; 2023-2026)


Rev . Samuel Phiri –     Presbytery Secretary (2021-2022;2023-2024)

Mr. Emmanuel Chileshe-   Presbytery Treasurer (2023-224)

Auxiliary Staff

  1. Officer Secretary            –         Miss Ing’utu Amwalana
  2. Driver                              –         Mr. Kaposhi Lubasi Royd
  3.    Office Assistant               –         Mr. Nyambe Edwin

Membership Statistics

Western Presbytery, as of 2022, sat on the total membership of 23,702, broken down as follows.

  • Men(unbadged)            –         3,004
  • Women (Not bloused)  –         7,642
  • Youths           –         9,169
  • MCF               –         755
  • WCF               –         3,136


S/N   Name Designation Station
1 Rev. Roy Kanchele Presbytery Bishop Western
4 Rev. Shepah Kilalo Minister Mongu North


Rev. Kaputo Mulenga Minister Mongu South
6 Rev. Chali Mfuta Minister Kaoma
7 Rev. Kelvin Mulenga Minister Kaoma
8 Rev. Samuel Phiri Minister Limulunga
9 Rev. Lombe Nkhoma Minister Livingstone West


Rev. Mambwe Morgan Minister Livingstone West


Rev. Araup Richard Banda Minister Livingstone West


Rev. Davies Muwandia Minister Livingstone East
13 Rev. Revious Chisha Minister Livingstone East
14 Lp Handy Mulenga Minister Kalabo


Lp Mulenga Mulumbwa Minister Sesheke
16 Lp Cosmas Mwale Minister Senanga
17 Lp Thomas Siwale Minister Senanga


19 Lp Harrison Phiri Minister Livingstone West


Lp Kennedy Mushota Minister Sefula


Lp Precious Longa


Minister Muoyo
22 Lp Erastus Mwango Minister Lukulu
23 Deaconess Judith Lungu Deaconess Ovc Mwandi
24 Deacon W. Munde Deacon Sefula Sec School
25 Deaconess J Kabamba Deaconess Mwandi Mission
26 Rev. Loveness C. Mambwe Associate Minister Livingstone East
27 Rev. Isaac Chipapala Associate Minister Livingstone West
28 Ev. Paul Matakala Local Evangelist Libonda

 Church workers not in active service 







1 Rev. Louis Sipalo Minister Mwandi
2 Rev. Akufuna Akafekwa Minister Kalabo
3 Rev. Cathrine Ilwale Minister Mongu South
4 Rev MubianaSimakando Minister Limulungu
5 Rev Mubita Pumulo Minister Sefula
6 Rev Herbert Mulowa Minister Limulunga
7 Ev. Akombaetwa Pres Evangelist Lukulu
8 Ev. Moonga Pres Evangelist Muoyo
9 Ev. Kulombota Synod Evangeli Muoyo
10 Deaconess Lubinda Deaconess Mwandi
11 Deaconess Muyowano Deaconess Senanga
12 Ev. Roy Kaliki Pres Evangelist Mulobezi
13 Ev. MuyundaMuyunda Pres Evangelist Mongu North
14 Rev. KamuyaMunjita Minister L/Stone West

 Presbytery Committe Conveners 

1 Mrs. Kiyanamina Women Christian Fellowship
2 Mr. George Manze Men’s Christian Fellowship
3 Mr. Wishes Kasonde Youth
4 Rev. ReviousChisha Doctrine Worship and Evangelism
5 Rev. Kelvin Mulenga Lay preachers
6 Rev. Davies Muwandia Christian Training Committee/CBSI
7 Mr. M. Mutumba Constitution Rules& Regulations
8 Mr. Derrick Mwiya Stewardship
9 Mr. Silumesii Church Projects &Development
10 Miss. EtambuyuMundia  Fundraising
11 Mrs. H. Akekelwa Communication
12 Mr. Chileshe Investment
13 Mr. Ilwale Strategic Planning
14 Deaconess Judith Lungu Social Justice



1 Pst H. Hamuumba Mwandi Hospital Administrator
2 Mr. Sitali. C,S Mwandi Sec School Headteacher
3 Mr. E. Chileshe Sefula Sec School Headteacher
4 Mr. SiyotoMusisimi Mwandi Pri School A/Headteacher
5 Mr. Phiri Authar Wina Hospital A/Administrator

Spiritual Growth

In the quest to realize the wider vision of the United Church of Zambia, the Presbytery has been involved in number of spiritual enhancing programmes. Notable ones being the revival Prayer and fasting meetings conducted in congregations. Further, annual retreats are observed in all consistories, while Bible Studies (Wednesday) are conducted with attendance in some congregations though not good.

Women’s Christian Fellowship (WCF)

The group has continued to grow both numerically and spiritually. They have been actively participating in Presbytery and national activities under the Mission and Evangelism

 Men’s Christian Fellowship (MCF)

The MCF group is also growing numerically and spiritually. Rededications of members are done in consistories. Like the WCF, the MCF parcipated in the national conference held in Manse in 2022.


The Presbytery Youth group is drawn from Girls and Boys Bridge, Choirs, Praise teams and Sunday school.

Presbytery Projects

The presbytery through the diaconal department has managed to revive the presbytery poultry project with about 400 broiler chicks in stock. Another Projects include church constriction at projects at All saints Livingstone and the works are currently at 90%; Maramba Congregation of Livingstone which is at 85% of work done; Mukoko Congregation of Mongu North and the works are rated at 70%; Mulambwa congregation of Mongu and the project is at 70% to completion. Other construction works include a newly completed shopping complex at Sesheke , construction of the Manse at Dambwa North Congregation, The Imwiko housing project with 10 out of the 12 housing units so far fully worked on and currently occupied by Tenants. The 11th housing is on renovation and the works done so far are rated at 70%.