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Chipembi College of Agriculture is a faculty of the United Church of Zambia University. It  was established in 1966 under the United Church of Zambia with the vision to train the Church Ministers, Church workers, school leavers, school drop outs, young Entrepreneurs, local people and the disabled both young male and female talented Zambians from surrounding communities and across the country. It is registered with the Ministry of Higher Education under the Technical Educational Vocational Training Authority(TEVETA).

The College’s historical background 

The College traces its roots from the mission works of The Wesleyan Methodist Missionary Society who opened the Waddilove Training Institute near Salisbury in 1899. In 1913 the Methodist Missionaries, Rev. Henry Loveless and Rev. Douglas Gray opened station at Chipembi and began educational work. Chipembi was developed as the society’s educational headquarters and led the way in Agricultural work and in Girl’s education. In 1929 the Government at the time (Northern Rhodesia ) , a Protectorate under the Mission Farm appointed a Mr. Turnbull, an Agricultural Missionary to train the Community in 1930. He assisted in training local Evangelists who were able to pass on their knowledge to communities under their care. In 1932 there was a severe famine in the country and the evangelists long with the community they were teaching suffered from famine. Rev. Gray resolved that perhaps the best way to help the people was to teach the Evangelists better ways of farming. The idea enhanced the spirit of self-sufficiency among the people as far as food was concerned. Mr.Turnbull returned to England after the Government Grant ran out and the Mission could not find funds to continue to employ him. It was in connection with Chamuka Boys School which was located about 4Km Northwest of Chipembi Mission Farm. As his wages were paid from the profits of the farm, the mission could not sustain his wages. In 1956 he was replaced by Mr. Trevor Day who died in an accident on the farm two years later.In 1960 Mr. David Marshall was appointed to replace Mr. Day. Mr. David Marshall later become the founder of Chipembi Farm College.

A new idea initiated by the Agriculture Committee of the Methodist Church emerged to change the policy of the Chipembi Mission Farm to one of Training (College). In 1963 the Inter-church Aid (called the Christian Aid) provided an equivalent of K112, 000 for running costs for a four-year period. Construction of the infrastructure started in 1963 and the first intake – six students arrived at the College in September 1964.

Mr. Marshall was then joined on the staff by Mr. Maisiri, who had been trained at Waddlove in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). In 1965 there was an intake of sixteen students. The Course was basically to train oxen farmers for a period of four years. Chipembi Farm College was officially opened by Hon. E.K Mudenda, then Minister of Agriculture, on 28th January 1966. There was a change in the whole structure of the College as it was recommended to the College Board of Governors then that Training should be changed from the focus on oxen farming to mechanized farming which necessitated the need for more funds to purchase tractors. The first Principal of the College was Mr. D Marshall. In 1966 Mr. Mercer, a trained Horticulturist, from England joined the teaching staff and in1967 Mr. G Maust joined the teaching staff as a machinery instructor. The United Church of Zambia was assured by the Government of an annual grant to cater for both capital and
recurrent expenditure of the college, and an initial grant of K60, 000 was allocated to the College in 1967 and consequently some tractors were bought for training programmes. In 1967 Mrs. Maisiri was sent to Sussex College in England to train in Domestic Science. Her work was to teach students’ wives in Needlework, Cookery and Child Care. On 31st March 1967 the first Republican President, Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda visited the College and encouraged lecturers, students and community to promote the agriculture level in the rapidly developing nation. He also reminded them of the value of hard work. His words “There is great Joy in Hard Work” were adopted as the Chipembi College Motto.

Mission Statement

To provide sustainable skills training in general Agriculture to acceptable Agriculture standards and changing technical and business needs in the Agriculture industry, to meet the needs of students-able bodied and disabled, staff, community, co-operating partners and the proprietors and shall also contribute to the economic development of the nation.
Vision Statement

To be a leading provider of high-quality performance based and sustainable agricultural skills training programmes.

The motto of the college was  adopted from Zambia’s first Republican President the late Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda’s speech at Chipembi Farm College on 31st March 1967:
“There is great Joy in Hard Work” Chipembi College of Agriculture

To provide farming skills to the Zambian people, male and female, who are either able bodied or
disabled for self -sustainability after a successful completion of the course.
To provide the Zambian Agricultural Industry with skilled manpower.
To help reduce food insecurity in Zambia.
To raise the standards of living of the Zambian citizens through placements in Agricultural

Location of College
Chipembi College of Agriculture is located in the Chisamba Farming Block in Chisamba District in the Central Province of Zambia. Chipembi college of Agriculture is easily accessible by road.It is located 104 km Northeast from Lusaka: 60 km form Lusaka travelling on Great North Road (Kabwe Road).

Courses on offer in the academic year 2023

1.Craft Certificate in General Agriculture- 2 years

Requirements: 5 ‘O’ levels Grade 12 Certificate
2. Trade Test certificate in General Agriculture Level 1 and 3

Requirements: Grade 9 certificate or Grade 12 GCE
Duration :1 Year 3 Months

3. Tailored -made short Agriculture Courses-Duration 3 months

Target Groups: Groups wishing to acquire additional skills in general agriculture;
School Leavers; School dropouts; Young entrepreneurs; Cooperative groups; Retirees

Currently the College is also enrolling students for January, June and October intakes. The Courses are also funded under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF)


The College is registered to the Technical Education Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA). TEVETA accredits all Courses and lectures. Examinations and certification are done by TEVETA. Special Education Needs (SEN) Applicants with disabilities should be 16 years of age and possess a disability certificate Have interest in Agriculture as a career.

Curse Content 
1. Craft Certificate in General Agriculture
Crop Production
Animal Production
Farm Management
Farm Machinery
Soil Science
Animal Draft Power ADP
Communication Skills
Agriculture Extension

Computer Appreciation
Mathematics and Statistics
Physical Science

  1. Trade Test Certificate in General agriculture
    Crops Production
    Farm Machinery
    Fish Farming
    Farm Management
    Animal Production
    Communication Skills
    Soil Science
    Animal ADF
    Computer Appreciation


Various sporting activities are encouraged depending on the capability of the individual student.

Church programs 

All students are supposed to attend all the church programs lined up by the Student’s School Church Board known as the ZAFES. A mandatory everyday devotion Prayers is compulsory to all students. Singing groups are as well encouraged as all students are either affiliated to the College Praise or the College Choir. This is done to help students grow with good morals and uplift their spiritual life

 Benefits of training at Chipembi College of Agriculture 
The following are   benefits of undergoing training at Chipembi College of Agriculture:
• Assures and ensures high experiential results to trainees involved, in this regard, the College will endeavor to provide technical and practical information transfer about agriculture.
• Encourage individual local knowledge and skills propagation in the best genius technical way to bring about accepted strategies to meet the welfare needs through management of limited resources.
• Ensures cultural, spiritual and socio-economic growth at individual level

•Develop into an agent of change and transformation leader.
• Beneficiaries are empowered with skills, knowledge and experience relevant for self-
reliance, apart from usage at places of work.
• Cultivate a sense of social and economic independence which can readily be achievable.
• Enlightened trainees and easy to adjust to new agricultural technologies.
• Accessible Chaplaincy services (guidance & counseling) in a Christian environment.
• Personal capacity building increases financial Insight and production
• Develop a rich Knowledge base theoretically and in practice.
• Acquire first class knowledge & skills.
• Increase chances of employment – students are practically oriented and highly
competitive in the agriculture industry

Applications should be sent to:
The principal
The United Church of Zambia
Chipembi college of Agriculture
UCZ Mission Centre
P.O. Box 820038
+260 977267723 or +260 962646768