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Community Development and Social Justice


The United Church of Zambia has been in existence for 55 years. As at 2019 UCZ had over 1,200 congregations all over Zambia with over 3, 000,000 members making it one of the largest protestant Church in Zambia. This makes one fifth of the population of Zambia.  It has a presence in each province of Zambia and also runs a number of health and educational institutions.  UCZ has been engaged in the spread of the gospel and the holistic ministry of its members and their communities through its churches, health, education and social institutions since the unification and formation of the Church in 1965. Following the unification of the Church from colonial Mission organizations the Church inherited these health, education and social institutions.

For a long time, the UCZ preached the gospel without offering practical interventions. Therefore, in 2005 the UCZ established the Community Development and Social Justice Department (CDSJD). This is the social care arm of the UCZ, led by the Head of Department. UCZ-CDSJD work with some of the most vulnerable people in Zambian society.  Their aim is to advance for the quality of life for communities through enhancing the priesthood of all believers, reinforcement of local community participation in Gender Issues, Governance, Food Security, Poverty alleviation, HIV and AIDS, Water and Sanitation and Empowerment; leading to attaining life in all its fullness

The United Church of Zambia has a long-standing history within the country of caring and working with the poor. This gives the Church countless opportunities to fulfil her goals spiritually and socially. The rich human resources capital of the Church is the foundation for acting on and implementing Community development strategies according to the needs expressed by the local community members. The Community Development & Social Justice Department join forces on all levels in the Church with consolidated efforts of all church workers namely, Ministers. Diaconal Workers. Evangelist. And Youth Workers. In addition, CDSJD work with lay professional Christians, peer educators, volunteers Teachers and Counsellors and other relevant partners.

Vision: The total Salvation of humanity with spiritual restoration and physical well-being, fully reconciled in Christ, the only Saviour.

Mission: The UCZ is committed to spreading the Good News of salvation to the Zambian people and all nations in fulfilment of Christ’s mission to the World.

Goal: Improve the quality of life for communities with special emphasis on the vulnerable by strengthening local participation in social concerns about HIV and AIDS, Poverty, Gender Transformative programs and governance.

Specific Objectives

  • Improve the Quality of life for the Vulnerable people by encouraging Self-Reliance in Communal planning and participation.
  • implementation and management of various community projects and programs through training local communities in identifying, analysing and solving their own development problems using local resources.
  • Empower women especially but also youths-young girls and boys- to participate fully in community Development through educational support.
  • Reducing poverty levels through community organization and better support


  • Missional Congregations Concept (Church in Community).
  • Child Safeguarding
  • Increasing support in HIV and AIDS efforts in congregations
  • Contributing to the social and good governance efforts through Self-Help Approach
  • Fostering advocacy for good governance and gender equity
  •  Engaging in social justice and social action programs covering:
  • Poverty alleviation.
  • Gender Transformative Change.
  • And good governance.

Current Activities

  • Food Relief Project in Mwandi and Shangombo supporting 8,500 households.
  • Journeying Together Empowering Teenage Mothers in Zambia in Kanyama Compound.
  • Fast Track for TB and HIV Epidemic Control in Luapula in particular Nchelenge, Kawambwa, Mwansabombwe, Lubwe and Samfya.
  • Self-Help Group II in Mansa and Mbereshi as well as Lusaka and Kasama.
  • Missional Congregation (Bentherapy Project for people living with Disability in Kafue, Emmanuel Community School in Chiba Kasama, Fish farming, Anti-Early marriage project in Kapirimponshi and Matching Grant Project Support.
  • Permaculture Project at Kafue and Nambala Secondary schools.
  • Training for Transformation for UCZ Diaconia Workers.
  • Peanut Butter Making in Lusaka Presbytery.
  • 1000 Most Critical Days (Sun)
  • Ever Dynamic Care project


  • Gossner Mission.
  • Church of Scotland.
  • World Council of Churches.
  • Zitukule Consortium.
  • World Renew.
  • Canadian Food Grain Bank.
  • Churches Helping Churches.
  • Bread for the World.
  • Africa Europe Diaconia Federation.
  • Act Alliance
  • The Grail.
  • Churches Association of Zambia.
  • Kindernothilfe
  • Council for World Mission

UCZ CDSJD 5-year Strategic Focus 2020-2025

  • Peace Building
  • Poverty alleviation – community approach (Nutrition)
  • Gender equity & Governance
  • Health – HIV/AIDS, TB—Malaria
  • Child protection & Education Support for OVCs
  • Self-help groups and Village Banking
  • Training for transformation
  • Sexual Reproductive Health and behaviour Change
  • Sustainable Agriculture/ Permaculture or Farming God’s Way.
  • Missional congregations.

The United Church of Zambia
Synod Headquarters
Community Development
And Social Justice Department
P.O. Box 50122, 15101 Ridgeway
8 Musi-o-Tunya
Woodlands, Lusaka-Zambia

Phone +211 250641
e-mail: mablesichali@gmail.com
Contact Person: Deaconess M.K. Sichali
Cell Numbers: +260 977 995 346 or +260 964 790 573