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Historical information:

Luapula Presbytery was under LMS and was established in 1971. [Say something about when it delinked from the Northern Presbytery. Who was the first Moderator, name all those who served as moderators and Bishops to the incumbent and the years when they served].

Geographical location:

Luapula Presbytery area is beyond Luapula Province boundaries as we are in Northern Province. The Presbytery is mostly rural and peri urban. The Presbytery stretches from Chembe District on the banks of Luapula river to the shores of Lake Mweru Lupiya in Chienge District which is about 450km. The other side is from Mukulu Bridge on Luapula river to the Bangweulu in Samfya, Lunga and Chilubi. The Presbytery has three major lands setting:

  1. The Plateau
  2. The valley
  3. The Islands


The Presbytery Headquarters is in Mansa, the provincial capital. And the Presbytery is under the pastoral charge and administration of Rev Bishop Darius Chitalu. The current Presbytery Secretary is Rev Changwe Hopkins, while the Treasurer is Mr Mambwe Fredrick Muleba. Mr Mwila L. Kaputo is the Presbytery Stewardship convenor.


Staff and Stationing:

The Presbytery have ten (10) full-time ordained ministers and two(2) Deaconesses. These are:

  1. Rev Changwe Hopkins – Samfya Consistory
  2. Rev Kangende Milner – Mbereshi Consistory
  3. Rev Zgambo Moses – Nchelenge Consistory
  4. Rev Vincent Lungu – Kawambwa East Consistory
  5. Rev Mbale Brian – Kafulwe Consistory
  6. Rev Nyirenda Stephen M – Mwense Consistory
  7. Rev Sinkala Roy – Kawambwa West Consistory
  8. Rev Muwowo Simon – Mansa North Consistory
  9. Rev Upendo M.Sichone – Mansa South Consistory
  10. Rev Chapakwenda Moses – Mansa North Consistory
  11. Deaconess Mwambazi M. Albertina – Mansa North Consistory
  12. Deaconess Chomba Gloria – Mansa North Consistory

Retirees :

The Presbytery has the following retired church workers:

  1. Rev Dr B.S.Chuba
  2. Rev P.C. Muonga
  3. Rev P.C. Saluti
  4. Deaconess W. Kaoma
  5. Evangelist G.Chapi

Major Natural Resources:

The Presbytery takes pride in the Lake Bangweulu, Lake Mwelu, Luapula river, the beach in Samfya, a number of waterfalls and many other natural wonders


Health and Education status in Southern Presbytery:

The Presbytery supervise Mbereshi Mission Hospital and Mable Shaw Secondary School.


Socio-economic profile:

Luapula Presbytery was born out of Northern Presbytery in is predominantly Bemba and Aushi speaking, especially in rural congregations. The economic activities include business, farming and fishing. Others in Bomas include Parastatals, non Governmental Organisations and Government Departments. From this scenario, it is evident that most of the members of the church do not have a steady flow of income such as a fixed monthly income because they are not in formal employment.