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The UCZ Health Department
The UCZ Synod Headquarters
PLOT No 4583
Nationalist Road, Kabwata

PO B0X 50122
EMAIL:  uczsynod@zamnet.zm
LANDPHONE:  (+26) 0211-250641
CELL PHONE:  +260964761039



Ida is a Registered  Nurse having worked in Scotland, Denmark, Zimbabwe and Zambia. She has also done Theatre Nursing in Scotland. District (Community) and Psychiatric Nursing in Denmark.   She is a Mission Partner from the Church of Scotland and has served for 10 years in Central Province and 12 years in Western Province before being appointed in 2016. She is married to Keith and has 5 children and 5 grandchildren.


Health Mission Statement:

The aim of the UCZ Health Institutions is to provide curative and preventive healthcare to the community and to be a witness of God’s love for all people irrespective of their economic, religious or ethnic background. Priority will be given to serving the poor and those who live within the health institution catchment area. Every effort will be made to ensure that services are integrated, with appropriate balance between curative, preventative and primary care.

The UCZ Health Institutions shall provide such services in accordance with ethical principles of the United Church of Zambia and in partnership with government and non –government agencies involved in health, other church related health providers in Zambia and partner churches internationally.

The United Church of Zambia (UCZ) recognises that the MOH is responsible for all Health Services in the country including all health services administered by their own institutions and that the Ministry of Finance and National Planning  is responsible for the management of public revenue.



Mbereshi  Mission Hospital  founded around 1915 by the London Missionary Society (LMS). In 1929 a Maternity training and Child Welfare Clinic was established which later developed into the school of Nursing. The Hospital was upgraded in 1958 -65 under Doctor John Parry of the LMS with contributions from the Beit Trust.

The Hospital is a Level 1 Grant aided Hospital with a 100 Bed Capacity. It serves a catchment population of 70,000 people.

Mwandi Mission Hospital was first started as a Dispensary in 1884 by the Paris Evangelical Society.  In 1928 the first Custom built Hospital was completed.  In 1986 the Presbyterian Church (USA) , the present Hospital was constructed and electrified. The main Hospital was renovated and opened in April 2015.

The Hospital is a Level 1 Grant aided Hospital with an 82 bed capacity serving a population of 27,068.



  • Chipembi Rural Health Centre (RHC) – Serving a Catchment Population of 15,519
  • Jagaimo RHC – situated inside the Maheba Refugee Camp – Serving Catchment Population 4,123
  • Kafue RHC – Serving Catchment Population 11,861
  • Masuku RHC – Serving Catchment Population 8,153
  • Njase Peri Urban Clinic – Serving Catchment Population 5,435 (CSO) 14,974 Head count

Health Posts x 9 developed through a project funded by USAID Discover Health



  • Mbereshi  -New Laboratory under construction funded by Ceeva.
  • Mwandi – Flats still under construction.
  • Chipembi – New water Pump
  • Jagaimbo – Solar system upgraded.
  • Kafue – New Maternity Wing completed and opened funded through the MDGI (EU)
  • Construction of House commenced funded by CAZ
  • Generator donated by IHS
  • Masuku –  New OPD Block Constructed
  • Maternity Block under Construction
  • Mothers Shelter Constructed by ZCHARD
  • Njase – Maternity Block under Construction
  • Patients Toilet Block Constructed by Church of Scotland Kincardine.


We welcome volunteer Surgical/Medical and Nursing  Teams , Gap Students and Church groups to give of their expertise and support of which we are very grateful for.


  • Water and Electricity (see below)
  • Shortage of Bed Sheets.
  • Shortage of housing and many existing houses in need of renovation.
  • Shortage of Basic life saving equipment.



As part of the improvements in infrastructure there is also an emphasis in our Strategic Plan for 2017-2021 on water, water reticulation, sanitation and the increased use of solar power in all our Health facilities.

Phase 1 has started at Mwandi Mission Hospital changing all lights to L.E.D. Installing Inverters and Solar Panels funded through the International Board.

Joint Plans with Education, for a pilot water scheme at Masuku have been made and work is underway finding possible funders.

With the coming increases in electricity and Water tariffs, Mwandi, Mbereshi and our other Clinics are trying to move to using solar power to heat water, for lighting and to run other low energy appliances.


Corinthians 3 verse 6-9.

I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow.

So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but God, who makes things grow.

The one who plants and the one who waters have one purpose, and they will each be rewarded according to their own labour.

For we are co – workers in Gods Service; you are God’s field, God’