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Lusaka Presbytery covers a vast area which includes Chirundu, Mumbwa and Luangwa District in the East and it is consisting of 12 Consistories covering both the Rural and Urban Setup. Lusaka Presbytery Membership continues to grow to a number of about 104,046 members including   the youths as reported in the 2021 November Council.

Presbytery Leadership

The Presbytery is managed by three elective office bearers and assisted by twelve Consistory

Chairpersons and Conveners of groups and committees at presbytery level as shown below:

Office Bearers

Presbytery Bishop: Dr. Lordwell Siame

Presbytery Secretary : Rev. Richard C Musonda

Presbytery Treasurer :Mrs. Naomi M Mulima

Consistory and leadership Chairpersons

Consistory                                                                 Chairperson

  • Chelston                                                           Rev.  Godfrey Gama
  • Chilenje                                                            Rev. Ndiwenu Machisa
  • Kafue                                                                 Rev.  Judith Nondo
  • Kariba                                                                Rev. Royce M Siuluta
  • Luangwa                                                            Rev. Gama Godfrey
  • Lusaka Central                                                 Rev. Emmanuel K Bwalya
  • Lusaka South                                                    Rev. Chipulu M Ndalama
  • Matero                                                                Rev. Layson Mwale
  • Marrapodi                                                          Rev. Mwaka M Phiri
  • Myooye/ Nambala                                            Rev.   Tembo Kawanje
  • Paul’s                                                                   Rev. Chayana Nkonde

The Church Workers’  staff establishment is comprised of the following including those serving at synod.

  • Ministers in active Service 48
  • Licentiate Probationers 5
  • Associate Ministers 6
  • Retired Ministers 28
  • Diaconal Workers 10
  • Retired Diaconal Workers 2
  • Evangelists 2
  • Retired Evangelists 3

Committee Conveners

Committee                                                                                   Convener

  • Appointment staff and Stationing                                   Rev Richard C Musonda
  • Finance                                                                                   Mrs. Naomi M Mulima
  • Christian Training                                                                Rev.  Hamuumba N. Ngonda
  • CPDPC                                                                                    Mr. Tyke Mwanza
  • Communication and Literature                                         Mr.  Venture Kageya
  • CDSJC                                                                                     Deac. Elizabeth N Kaleo
  • Constitution Rules Regulations                                         Rev. Llyod Sikaundi
  • Diaconal                                                                                  Deac.   Albertina Mwambazi
  • DWE                                                                                         Rev. Aaron M Simukonda
  • Lay Preachers                                                                         Rev. Upendo M Sichone
  • Stewardship                                                                            Rev. Harriet Kapeya
  • World Partnership                                                                 Rev. Rogers Zulu
  • Men’s Christian Fellowship                                                 General Knox Simwanza
  • Women Christian Fellowship                                              Mrs.  Elizabeth Mukumano
  • Youth Department                                                                 Mrs.  Sylvia M Musonda

In 2022, the Presbytery inducted  Ministers who were transferred to new stations as follows:

  1.   Rev. Chikalipa Mwimba                  St. Paul’s Consistory (St. Lukes)
  2.   Rev. Chinyanta Joseph                     Lusaka Central Consistory (St. Stephen)
  3.    Rev. Chitimbwa John                       Kariba Consistory (Siavonga)
  4.    Rev. Kapeya Harriet             Chelston Consistory (St. Margaret’s)
  5.     Rev. Machisa K Ndiwenu                Chilenje Consistory (St. Thomas)
  6.     Rev. Mukupa Georgina                    Kafue Boys…. Kafue Consistory
  7.     Rev.  Mukuwa Caren             St. Paul’s Consistory (Calvary)
  8.     Rev.Ngoma M Doran                       Kafue Consistory (Shiloh)
  9.     Rev. Nondo Judith                             Kafue Consistory (Resurrection)
  10.     Rev. Siame John                                Matero Consistory (Middle West)
  11.     Rev.Sichone Godfrey                       Marrapodi Consistory (Mt. Sinai)
  12.      Rev. Sichone M. Upendo                  Marrapodi Consistory (St. Peters)
  13.       Rev. Siulanda Genesis                       Nambala Secondary School
  14.       Rev Tembo Kawanje             Nambala Consistory (Mumbwa)
  15.       Rev. Serge K. Changa                       St. Paul’s Consistory (Psalms)
  16.        Rev. Maketo Matongo                       Chilenje Consistory (Gideon)

Further, in 2023 the presbytery stationed church Workers in the following stations:

Chelston Consistory

  1. Rev. Winfridah Makungu
  2. Rev. Violet Sikwese
  3. Deaconess Marjorie Mvula

Chilenje Consistory

  1. Rev. Lubinda Manyando
  2. Rev. Baron Silomba
  3. Deac. Gillian Musenge

     Kafue Consistory

  • Rev. Lubinda Sitali
  • Deac. Phaides Mukasa
  1. Deac. Mercy Banda

    Kariba Consistory

  1. Rev. Harrison Chimfwembe

Lusaka Central Consistory

  1. Rev. Theresa N. Matimba
  • Rev. Chalwe Chibale
  • Deac. Albertina M. Mwambazi

 Lusaka South Consistory

  • Rev. Maj. Samuel Kabwe
  1. Rev. Maj. Eve M. Lumano
  • Rev. Beauty Nkhoma
  • Deac. Elizabeth N. Kaleo

Luangwa Consistory

  • Rev. Laban Chisala

Matero Consistory

  • Rev. Andrew Bwalya
  1. Rev. Anita C. Musonda
  • Deac. Grace Chipasha
  • EV. Humphrey Mulenga

Marrapodi Consistory

  • Rev. Martha Siame
  • Deac. Gloria C. Phiri

Myooye Consistory

  • Rev. Ian Kapembwa

    St. Paul’s Consistory

  • Rev. Abraham Chishimba
  • Deac. Charity C. Mutambo

 Presbytery Employees

The Presbytery has the following support staff employed under presbytery as shown below:

  • Assistant Accountant Miss Mutale Kaemba
  • Office Typist Mrs Lillian Musinga
  • Office Manager Mrs Lizzy N Chileshe
  • Store Keeper Mr Victor Siame
  • Book Keeper Miss Kahemba Mwanga
  • Care Taker- Kasaka Mr. Benson Snipelike
  • Care Taker- Presbytery Office Mr. Elias Mumbo
  • Guard- Kasaka Mr. Moses Mulungwe

Programs and Projects

The Presbytery in 2023 held Trainer of Trainers seminar for Consistory Secretaries’ representatives, Seminar for the Presbytery Audit Team and Cyber Security Sensitization workshop with officers from ZICTA. The Presbytery managed to do further construction works for the Lusaka Presbytery Bishop’s Manse which is currently at 90% completion. There was a step up with works for the Mothers’ Shelter at Kafue Rural Health Clinic and now at 70% completion. The Presbytery was able to begin Construction works of Manses as part of the Five-year plan of building Manses in the Presbytery to reduce on the deficit of Manses. The Presbytery is also constructing a Manse for the Presbytery Bishop with most of the major works done Construction of two Manses in Luangwa Consistory are under way. In addition, through the WCF the Presbytery in the period under review had continued with works for the Mothers’ Shelter at Kafue Rural Health Clinic in Kafue Consistory. Other activities involving groups and committees in 2022 were as follows:

  • The WCF and MCF managed to attend the National Conferences in Mansa and Solwezi.
  • Youths did participate in the National Choir Festivals.
  • Doctrine Worship and Evangelism Committee had evangelism campaign in July and October respectively in Kafue Consistory.
  • Stewardship Committee had their retreat in the third quarter in Kafue Consistory
  • Community Development and Social Justice Committee had a Prison Outreach to Mwembeshi, Chimbokaila and Chainama Prisons.

Plans for 2023 and beyond. 

Presbytery intends to continue with constructions works of the Manses and the completion of the Bishop’s Manse and motivate the WCF to complete the Mothers’ Shelter in Kafue Consistory.