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Convocation Service


TIME: 09:00-12:00 HRS


Processsion To Be Led By The Boys Brigade Brass Band And The Majorities From Coppper Hill Shopping Mall To Mindolo Congregation (Traffic Police To Be Informed)

  1. Scripture Sentences-Rev F.Silungwe
  2. Call To Worship- Rev L. C. Chibuye
  3. Prayer Of Approach And Adoration (Synod To Advice)
  4. Hymn Of Praise: English –To God Be The Glory. Bemba 15 -Natotelwe Lesa.
  5. Prayer Of Confession And Thanksgiving- Rev Bishop S. Sichilima.
  6. Choirs.
  7. Welcome, Introduction And Notices- General Secretary/Administrative Secretary.
  8. History Of The UCZ – Synod To Appoint.
  9. Reflection On The Formation And Early Days Of The United Church Of Zambia- Rev Kazovu.
  10. Music From Bb Brass Band / The Ebernezar Praise Team(Kwacha East).
  11. Prayer Of Intercession—Synod To Appoint.
  12. Scripture Reading-Mcf Member.
  13. Offerings To Be Led By Choirs.
  14. Prayer Of Dedicatio- Rev Mrs E. Mundemba.
  15. 2nd Bible Reading – WCF.
  16. Sermon- Rev
  17. Hymn 151: English Hymn,Church Is One Foundation/ Bemba Hymn 88.
  18. The Sacrament Of Holy Communion- Rev Bishop Mutale Mulumbwa.
  19. Hymn: English, Stand Up Stand Up For Jesus/Bemba 152,Mwiminineni Yesu.
  20. Benediction-Synod To Appoint.
  21. Unveiling Of The Plaque And Monument By The Synod Bishop And Rev Barrie Morris.
  22. Refreshments