Reverend Lydia Mwale grew up with the dream of becoming a teacher and immediately after secondary school she enrolled for a teaching course and later become a primary school teacher.

During her teaching profession she spent most of her time at school and serving God through organizing and conducting church activities.

Despite her active participation in church activities, she never saw herself as becoming an active minister in the United Church of Zambia.

Over the years, her active participation in church programs earned her a position as Consistory Secretary, for Kitwe North Consistory, a position she held dearly.

It was her dedication to serving God’s work that pushed her into joining theological school.

Although in her older age, she received encouragement towards the call to do God’s work. In her mid-forties, she was ready to carry out God’s mission of taking salvation to the Zambian community.

After ordination as a clergy in 2009, she worked in numerous consistories before being retired in 2018.

Reverend Mwale is today working as a mission partner for the United Congregational Church in Southern Africa (UCCSA) in Botswana.

She joined UCCSA in 2020 at the time COVID-19 was at peak, movements were restricted making it difficult for her to minister to the congregations.

Her biggest challenge after relocating to Botswana was the difference in culture and language however, she shares that with the help of fellow ministers, she has broken those barriers.

Reverend Mwale


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