LUANSHYA TOWN CONGREGATION – LUANSHYA: 26/12/2021 –  Rev Dr. Kapembwa Kondolo’s Farewell service from the office of Vice Chancellor of the United Church of Zambia University was held on 26th December 2021 on the Copperbelt at Luanshya Town Congregation. Rev Dr. Kondolo served for two (2) complete terms as Vice Chancellor from 2012 to 2021 after taking over from Rev Dr. Musonda Bwalya. In attendance was the Synod Bishop, General Secretary, Administrative Secretary, Communications Secretary and the Community Development and Social Justice Secretary. The Presbytery Bishops in attendance included; Bishop Dr. Charles Lungu (Copperbelt Presbytery), Bishop Moses Gondwe (North Western Presbytery) and Bishop Maybin Mulenga (Northern Presbytery). The United Church of Zambia University was represented by the Chancellor Professor Dickson Mwansa, Rev Sinyama, Rev Chenge and Rev Mwenifumbo.

Professor Dickson Mwansa who spoke on behalf of the University described Rev Dr. Kondolo as a good listener and humble person who is full of humility, he then highlighted how the University has been stable under the leadership of Dr. Kondolo stating that there has been no strike or protest by the workers during his tenure of office. Professor Mwansa recalled how the University only had thirty-five (35) students and one (1) faculty (school of Theology) when Dr. Kapembwa Kondolo was taking over (2012) and now (2021) the University has seven hundred (700) students with four (4) faculties (school of Education, Agriculture, Nursing and Theology).

Mr. London Mwafulilwa who was the Guest of Honour at this joyful occasion Congratulated Rev Dr. Kondolo for being at the helm of the institution during the transition period from a College to a University. The guest of honour further encouraged the University to be training students for future needs and prepare them to become leaders of tomorrow. Mr. Mwafulilwa asked Rev Dr. Kondolo to share the knowledge he has acquired during his two (2) terms of office with his successor Rev Dr. Jonathan Kangwa so that the University should continue to progress. He concluded by Congratulating Rev Dr. Kondolo for being the first Vice Chancellor of the United Church of Zambia University and wished him well in his new role.

In the Homily with the theme entitled ‘THE EXODUS AGENDA’ with the bible reading coming from Exodus 14:21 and Exodus 15:2, the General Secretary Rev Chipasha Musaba emphasized that everything that happens does so because it is God’s agenda that it should happen that way. He elaborated that it was because of God’s faithfulness that the Rev Dr. Kondolo served as Vice Chancellor and not by human power.

The office of Vice Chancellor of the United Church of Zambia University will now be occupied by Rev Dr. Jonathan Kangwa.

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