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The UCZ University College offloads its Products

KITWE – 08/05/2015: Copperstone Univesity Dean, Dr Musonda Bwalya applauded the UCZ University College for being consistent in the development of education in Zambia. He said this at the graduation of 15 students in the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies held at Charles Fisher Hall within the grounds of Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation at 11:00 hours.The faculty has been offering theological education for 66 years now.

Dr Musonda Bwalya is a former UCZ University College Principal. He first served as lecturer, and academic dean before rising to the position of Principal. Dr Bwalya has been seconded to Copperstone University as its dean after serving the University for close to 20 years. He did his doctoral studies in dogmatics and economic ethics at the University of Pretoria.

In his speech he was happy to learn that the University had introduced new programmes, he therefore encouraged the University to join the E-learning platform. He however cautioned the graduates to be aware of the geo-political-economic situation in our country which was still somewhat stabilising. He noted that the political landscape was extremely divided and volatile, characterised by inter-party rivalries and insults. The cost of living is very high and it is becoming very difficult to maintain three square meals per day for an average Zambian family. Social evils such as street thefts and petty thieving are rising in our communities. Gender based violence; especially one against women has not receded. Reckless driving on ouer Zambian roads has made driving a death trap, because one does not know from which direction a reckless driver will hit you; a number of our people have died due to reckless driving. This moral fibre of our nation based on respect for human life, love, sacrifice and solidarity, has given way to horrendous and grotesque vice such as murders, rape and brutality. He therefore charged the new graduates to meet head-on the social and economic challenges of our times, to bring hope in situations of hopelessness, mendicancy and alienation. He further charged them to breathe life in lifeless conditions as they pursue the theme of the United Church of Zambia “Christ,  lead us to fullness of life”

In attendance were the Synod Bishop, who is also the Board Chairperson of the University, the Acting General Secretary, Rev Dennis Mbita Sikazwe, Acting Central Presbytery Bishop Rev Georgina M. Ezerioha, Dean of Chipembi College of Agriculture Mr Paul Samba, Luapula Presbytery Bishop Samuel Mwambazi and the Copperbelt Presbytery Bishop Rev Sydney Sichilima.

Among the graduates were Bulaya Collins, Chileshe Chepela, Bwalya Kasonde Given, Chaikatisha Joseph, Kabaso Steward, Kaputo Mulenga, Kondowe Alice, Matongo Maketo, Mulenga Kaite, Munsimbwe Dora, Namwila Josephine, Sashi Joseph, Siulanda Genesis and Zimba Isaac. Two students (including Namukonda Emeldah Precious) graduated in absentia. Precious Namukonda and Chileshe Chepela were involved separate road traffic accidents.

The University Rector Rev Kapembwa Kondolo highlighted some of the achievements of the University and promised to build on them as the University works closely with the Synod of the United Church of Zambia, the government and other stakeholders through active feedback and advisory mechanisms. The University will ensure that it listens more and works closely with the plans for higher education and with other institutions of higher learning.

The University is currently running with two faculties: Faculty of Education and Faculty of Theology and Religion. Rev Isaac Zimba speaking on behalf of the graduands thanked the lecturers, families, friends and sponsors for their support throughout their academic journey. The Ceremony was graced by the Mindolo Boys’ Brigade Brass band.

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