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UCZ Launches Tree planting, 80 trees planted in Mbereshi

The United Church of Zambia (UCZ) launched a tree planting exercise in Mbereshi on the 23rd of February 2018.

UCZ General Secretary Rev. Dr Peggy Mulambya Kabonde along with other Synod officials travelled to Mbereshi for a retreat as well as the launch of the Tree Planting Exercise.

The team from Synod along with administrative officials from our mission hospital and schools in Mbereshi managed to plant a total of 90 trees. The names of the institutions that took part in the tree planting exercise are Mbereshi basic school, Marble Shaw Secondary school, Mbereshi Mission Hospital and Mbereshi Mission Church as well as Mwense Congregation. Each planted 20 trees respectively while an additional 10 was planted at Mwense congregation.

While there, they also took time to visit the site of the building whose roof was blown away at Mbereshi Mission hospital to see the extent of the damage to the building and possibly look at the quickest response to the matter. The building was meant to be a laboratory but unfortunately had its roof blown away  by the heavy rains that occurred in the area.

However, during the tree launch, Rev Dr  Mulambya emphasised the beauty and strength that trees symbolise as she mentioned that the UCZ has aligned itself with both national and international actions to address climate change by planting trees to restore creation, protect our environment and prevent further deforestation.

She said the church will collaborate and cooperate with the government as well as other interested bodies and organisations to plant, manage and restore 1 000, 000 trees nationwide over the next five years.

“I ask the Zambian people to respect trees and attach great significance to the environment. The people should do their best to plant more trees on such days. Both the church and government should prevent the hands which try to destroy the environment” she added.

Meanwhile, Mwense district Agricultural coordinator Chipeta Samson who graced the event on behalf of the guest of honour, the Luapula province Minister Hon. Nickson Chilangwa commended the church for taking the route to contribute to preserving the environment by encouraging congregations to plant trees.

Chipeta encouraged the church to continue protecting our land in Zambia by planting trees around their land as it prevents global warming and could be a source of income generation.

He also appealed to members of the Church to stick to the principles behind the launch and follow suit by equally planting trees in their respective communities a notable total of 80 trees were planted at the launch in Mbereshi.

The General Secretary also mentioned that a nursing school is yet to be established in the same area to take the church mission further as we continue to help a government in the provision of quality social services.

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