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UCZ Univerty charns out 54 students

UCZ ST MINDOLO CONGREGATION – KITWE: 10/12/2022 –Scores of worshipers on Sunday morning thronged the United Church of Zambia Mindolo Congregation to witness the licensing and commissioning of fourty five Student Ministers and nine Diaconal Students who have completed their prescribed course of study in Theology and Social work, respectively at the United Church of Zambia University.

The students who were stationed during the November, 2022 Synod Executive are expected to take up their placements as Probationers in various Presbyteries in January, 2023.

During the service, the students were officially confered upon with authority to perform Ministry in the United Church of Zambia under probation. The United Church of Zambia Synod Bishop ,Rev.Syndney Sichilima and the General Secretary,Rev.Chipasha Musaba officiated at the colourful annual service. Others in attendance during the service included Synod Senior Management Officials , the UCZ University staff ,as well as members of the clergy and the laity from different presbyteries

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