CHISAMBA ,–UCZ CHIPEMBI GIRL’S: 16/10/2023– The United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Chipembi Girls Secondary School has become the first school in Zambia to host the World Food Day commemorations.

The event which was graced by Education Minister Douglas Siakalima was organized and supported by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations under the theme, “Water is Life, Water is Food: Leave No One Behind.”
In delivering his speech, Mr. Siakalima said this year’s theme emphasizes the profound significance of water in ensuring food security and underscores the urgent need for inclusivity and equity in combating global hunger.
Mr. Siakalima said water scarcity is a looming concern that directly affects global food production capabilities and its conservation must be prioritized.
The education minister also commended Chipembi Girls Secondary School for being a viable agriculture production center highlighting the numerous achievements it has recorded in the production unit for the last five years.
“I wish to call upon the curriculum developers to seriously consider Agriculture Science as one of the major STEM subjects as it has multiple benefits that will help the learners to enhance and develop skills that will contribute to economic development,” he said.
He added that it is a collective responsibility to ensure that no one goes to bed hungry and that every Zambian has access to safe, nutritious food by embracing the principles of responsible water management and sustainable agriculture practice.
And United Nations UN Resident Coordinator Beatrice Mutali said water scarcity is one of the foremost development issues in today’s time and it needs collaborated effort to sustainably utilize and preserve the valuable resource.
Ms. Mutali noted the need for governments to design science and evidence-based policies backed by increased investment, legislation, technologies and capacity development.
Earlier, Food and Agriculture Organization for the United Nations (FAO) Country Representative Suze Filippini explained that this year’s world food day theme highlights the critical role water plays in reducing hunger and in ensuring food and nutrition security for all.
Ms. Filippini said water resources need to be safeguarded ,further calling on all stakeholders to join efforts in promoting water safety for the in future of food, people and the planet.
She explained that FAO is supportive of the efforts by government towards ensuring food is available to everyone and that hunger is eradicated by 2030 inline with Sustainable Development Goal number 2.
Meanwhile, Precious Lubasi, a pupil pledged the learner’s support towards fighting hunger through good agriculture practices at the school as well as community awareness.
The 2023 World Food Day commemoration was also attended by the Chisamba Member of Parliament, Chushi Kasanda and Chief Chamuka of Chamuka Chiefdom among other dignitaries.

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